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SCEC Community Stress Model (CSM) Workshop

Conveners: Bruce Shaw (Columbia), Joann Stock (Caltech), Jeanne Hardebeck (USGS), and Thorsten Becker (USC)
Date: September 13, 2015 (13:00 – 17:00)
Location: Hilton Palm Springs Resort, Palm Springs, CA
SCEC Award: 15068

OVERVIEW: The goals of the Community Stress Model (CSM) workshop are to report to the larger SCEC community the progress made on the CSM in SCEC4, and to discuss the future of the CSM as we transition into SCEC5. Currently, the CSM exists as a set of models of stress and stressing rate in southern California that are publicly available through the CSM website in a common format.

For this short meeting, we want to focus on two items.

  1. Results: Stress Rate Aligns with Focal Mechanisms. This line of work has shown that strain rates derived from GPS data and stressing directions inferred from focal mechanism inversions are aligning. The agreement of two independent data sets lends support for both types of models.
  2. The Next Step: Borehole Data. Looking ahead, a clear next step is to seek other independent data to compare stress models against, in particular borehole data. This part of the workshop will focus on the potential of that data.

Looking forward to SCEC5, workshop participants will discuss important issues such as how to validate stress and stressing rate models, and how to incorporate more results from physical modeling into the CSM. Anyone is welcome to attend this workshop.

SUNDAY, September 13, 2015

Presentation slides may be downloaded by clicking the title of the presentation.
PLEASE NOTE: Files are the author’s property. They may contain unpublished or preliminary information and should only be used while viewing the talk.

13:00 Community Stress Model Workshop Overview (PDF, 9.8kB) B. Shaw
  Stressing Rate, Seismicity, and Stress  
13:10 Comparison of 17 Strain-Rate Models from 
 GPS Geodesy (PDF, 6.4MB) D. Sandwell
13:25 Alignment of Stressing Rate from GPS with SHmax Orientations from Stress Inversions E. Hauksson
13:45 Crustal Stress: Constraints from Seismology, Geodesy, Topography, and Gravity K. Luttrell
14:05 Comparison of Off-Fault and Interseismic Stressing Patterns with Seismicity (PDF, 2.7MB) M. Cooke
  CSM Website  
14:30 The CSM Web Site and Facilitating User Access (PDF, 975.9kB) T. Becker
14:45 Break The CSM Web Site and Facilitating User Access  
  Data Constraints on Stress  
15:00 Scales of Stress Field Variation Determined from Borehole Observations in Southern California (PDF, 1.3MB) J. Stock
15:30 Questions and Audience Discussion on Borehole Stress  
15:40 Stress Orientation from Active Deformation of Borderland Basins M. Legg
15:55 Heat Flow Constrains on Off-Fault Stresses in Central California (PDF, 1.2MB)Heat Flow Constrains on Off-Fault Stresses in Central California (PDF, 1.2MB) N. Sleep
  Snap Talks  
16:00 Blending data and dynamics into equilibrium for the Community Stress Model (PDF, 5.1MB) P. Bird
16:30 Wrap-Up Panel Discussion on Directions Forward  
17:00 Adjourn  


Brad Aagaard (USGS)
Chao An (UCLA)
Trey Apel (RMS, Inc.)
Felipe Aron (Stanford)
Kangchen Bai (Caltech)
Thorsten Becker (USC)
Whitney Behr (UT Austin)
Yehuda Ben-Zion (USC)
Greg Beroza (Stanford)
Thomas Beutin (GFZ Potsdam)
Jacobo Bielak (CMU)
Nenad Bijelic (Stanford)
Peter Bird (UCLA)
Carolyn Bocanegra (Citrus Valley HS)
Melissa Bocanegra (CVHS)
Richard Bocanegra (CVHS)
Adrian Borsa (UCSD/SIO)
Lucile Bruhat (Stanford)
Roland Bürgmann (Berkeley)
Jose Cardona (CSUN)
Xiaowei Chen (Oklahoma)
Fred Chester (Texas A&M)
Judi Chester (Texas A&M)
Hannah Cohen (CSUN)
Michele Cooke (UMass)
Luis Dalguer (swissnuclear)
Jim Dieterich (UCR)
Lada Dimitrova (UT Austin)
Liam DiZio (Macalester College)
Andrea Donnellan (JPL)
Daniel Elizondo (Texas A&M)
Bill Ellsworth (USGS)
Jim Evans (USU)
Wenyuan Fan (SIO/UCSD)
Anna Foutz (Chaffey College)
Rosemarie Fryer (UT Austin)
Gary Fuis (USGS)
Yuri Fukuoka (Kyoto)
Patrick Fulton (UCSC)
Abhijit Ghosh (UC Riverside)
Gary Girty (SDSU)
Maggi Glasscoe (NASA JPL)
Thomas Goebel (Caltech)
Javier Gonzàlez-Garcìa (CICESE)
Margaret Gooding (LSA Assc, Inc.)
Craig Hall (SDSU)
Jeanne Hardebeck (USGS)
Alex Hatem (USC)
Egill Hauksson (Caltech)
Tom Heaton (Caltech)
Janis Hernandez (CGS)
Tom Herring (MIT)
Steve Hickman (USGS)
Evan Hirakawa (SDSU)
Greg Hirth (Brown)
Kennis Ho (Cal Poly Pomona)
Michael Hodges (USC)
Phil Hogan (Fugro)
Mehran Hosseini (USC)
Brittany Huerta (CSUN)
Tran Huynh (SCEC / USC)
Marina Inoue (Hiroshima U)
Dave Jackson (UCLA)
Susanne Janecke (USU)
Ren Jinwei (CEA (China))
Kendra Johnson (CSM)
Tom Jordan (USC)
Keene Karlsson (SDSU)
Justin Ko (Caltech)
Olga Joan Ktenidou (GFZ GRIG)
Kupferschmidt (Cal Poly Pomona)
Katsuyuki Kurihara (Hiroshima U)
Lia Lajoie (CSM)
Maurice Lamontagne (GSC)
Nadia Lapusta (Caltech)
Mark Legg (Legg Geophysical)
Katherine Lewis (CSUN)
Wenwen Li (AECOM)
Yong-Gang Li (USC)
Ting Lin (Marquette)
Yu-Pin Lin (USC)
Xin Liu (USC)
Julian Lozos (Stanford/USGS)
Eloy Luna (LAFD)
Karen Luttrell (LSU)
Shuo Ma (SDSU)
Yiran Ma (Caltech)
Chris Madden Madugo (PG&E)
Jacob Manheim (UCLA)
Eui-jo Marquez (SDSU)
Glen Mattioli (UNAVCO)
Rob McCaffrey (Portland State)
Sally McGill (CSUSB)
Griffin McMullen (Colorado)
Deepa Mele Veedu (EOS)
Nikolas Midttun (USGS)
Annelisa Moe (CSUN)
Morgan Moschetti (USGS)
Jessica Murray (USGS)
Craig Nicholson (UCSB)
Shiying Nie (SDSU)
Yosi Ogata (ERI/ISM Japan)
Koji Okumura (Hiroshima)
Takahiro Omi (Univ. Tokyo)
Gustavo Ortega (CALTRANS-LA)
Marco Pagani (GEM Foundation)
Yajun Peng
Zhigang Peng (Georgia Tech)
Patricia Persaud (Caltech)
Shahram Pezeshk (Memphis)
Ben Phillips (NASA)
Amanda Price (CSUN)
Lei Qin (USC)
Hongrui Qiu (USC)
Sohom Ray (Tufts)
Hoby Razafindrakoto (U of Canterbury)
Marshall Rogers-Martinez (USC)
Chris Rollins (Caltech)
John Rundle (UCD)
Omid Saber (Cntr for Tectonophysics)
Valerie Sahakian (SIO)
David Sandwell (UCSD)
William Savran (UCSD/SDSU)
Laura Secord (Grace Yokley MS)
Shahar Shani-Kadmiel (BG U of Negev)
Bruce Shaw (LDEO)
Zheng-Kang Shen (UCLA)
Yixiao Sheng (Stanford)
Jian Shi (Caltech)
Zheqiang Shi (SDSU)
Drake Singleton (SDSU)
Norm Sleep (Stanford)
Deborah Smith (USGS Menlo Park)
Seok Goo Song (KIGAM, Korea)
Xin Song (USC)
Kathleen Springer (USGS)
Joann Stock (Caltech)
Anne Strader (GFZ-Potsdam)
Feng Su (USBR)
Brian Swanson (CGS)
Karim Tarbali (Canterbury)
Wayne Thatcher (USGS)
Nicholas van der Elst (USGS)
Sarah Verros (USGS)
Kang Wang (SIO/UCSD)
Nan Wang (SDSU/UCSD)
Yongfei Wang (UCSD/SDSU)
Heather Webb (SDSU)
Max Werner (Bristol)
Jim Whitcomb (NSF)
Charles Williams (GNS Science)
Lian Xue (UCSC)
Ryan Yohler (Indiana)
Nana Yoshimitsu (ERI Tokyo)
John Yu (USC)
Yuehua Zeng (USGS)
Dandan Zhang (Cal Poly Pomona)
Qiong Zhang (Caltech)
Yongxian Zhang (CEA (China))

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