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SCEC Workshop on Ductile Rheology of the Southern California Lithosphere

Conveners: Wayne Thatcher, Yuri Fialko, Liz Hearn, and Greg Hirth
Dates: May 1-2, 2013
Location: USGS Menlo Park Campus (Building 3, Room 3-235)
SCEC Award and Report: 13051

SUMMARY: The goals of the 2-day workshop are to share recent developments among experts in the properties and processes of ductile deformaton; define a range of viable rheological models for the lithosphere in actively deforming regions; better understand how to model ductile processes; and investigate how to apply this new knowledge base to constrain how ductile/elastic coupling influences stress state and earthquake occurrence in Southern California.

PARTICIPANTS (28 Total, 2 Remote): Whitney Behr (UT Austin), Greg Beroza (Stanford), Bruce Bills (NASA JPL), Roland Burgmann (UC Berkeley), Reid Cooper (Brown), Georg Dresen (GFZ Potsdam), Brian Evans (MIT), Uli Faul (BU), Yuri Fialko (UCSD), Andy Freed (Purdue), Laurel Goodwin (Wisconsin), Lars Hansen (Stanford), Jeanne Hardebeck (USGS), Liz Hearn, Eric Hetland (Michigan), Greg Hirth (Brown), Tran Huynh (SCEC), Kaj Johnson (Indiana), Karen Luttrell (USGS), Andreas Mavromatis (Stanford), Christine McCarthy (Columbia), Laurent Montesi (Maryland), Jessica Murray (USGS), John Platt (USC), Fred Pollitz (USGS), Paul Segall (Stanford), Wayne Thatcher (USGS), Jessica Warren (Stanford).

Presentation slides may be downloaded by clicking title. PLEASE NOTE: Files are the author’s property. They may contain unpublished or preliminary information and should only be used while viewing the talk.


08:30 Introduction and Purpose of Workshop W. Thatcher
08:40 SCEC Perspective on Workshop G. Beroza
08:50 Community Geodetic Model (CGM) & Rheology J. Murray
09:00 Community Stress Model (CSM) & Role of Rheology J. Hardebeck
  Session 1: Space Geodetic Observations and Modeling of Earthquake Cycle Deformation
Chair & Moderator: Liz Hearn, Reporter: Eric Hetland
09:10 Lithospheric Rheology & the Earthquake Cycle L. Hearn
09:55 Discussion of Previous Overview Paper All
10:15 Break  
10:30 Short Presentations (10 minutes each)  
11:00 Open Discussion of Important Issues & Unanswered Questions All
12:30 Lunch  
  Session 2: Laboratory Perspectives on Ductile Flow Applicable to Earthquake Processes
Chair & Moderator: Greg Hirth, Reporter: Ulrich Faul
13:30 Lab Constraints on Lithospheric Ductile Flow G. Hirth
14:15 Discussion of Previous Overview Paper All
14:45 Short Presentations (10 minutes each)  
15:15 Break  
15:30 Open Discussion of Important Issues & Unanswered Questions All
17:00 Adjourn  
18:30 Workshop Group Dinner at the Left Bank Menlo Park  
  Session 3: Field Evidence Bearing on Ductile Flow Beneath the Seismogenic Crust
Chair & Moderator: John Platt; Reporter: Whitney Behr
08:30 Faults in the ductile lithosphere: localization, rheology, flow stress, and width J. Platt
09:00 Discussion of Previous Overview Paper All
09:30 Short Presentations (10 minutes each)  
10:00 Break  
10:15 Open Discussion of Important Issues & Unanswered Questions All
11:45 Constitutive relationships for viscoelastic flow in postseismic and earthquake cycle analyses: past, present, and future R. Cooper / A. Freed
12:00 Lunch  
  Session 4: Wrap Up Discussion of Main Problems & Workshop Recommendations
All Contribute, Moderated by Conveners
13:00 Summary Presentations from Session Reporters  
13:45 Discussion of Most Important Issues to Emerge from Workshop  
14:30 Recommendations to SCEC and Workshop Report All
15:00 Adjourn