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Using Earthquake Field Data in Research and Education Workshop


Conveners: Jamie Steidl and Sandy Seale
Dates: September 9, 2012 (09:00-16:00)
Location: Spa Resort, Palm Springs, CA

DESCRIPTION: NEES@UCSB operates the Garner Valley field site, which is a short drive from Palm Springs at Lake Hemet.

NEES@UCSB is presenting a workshop and site visit at the 2012 SCEC Annual Meeting to researchers and educators who are attending the meeting.

QUESTIONS? Please contact Sandy Seale.


09:00-11:00 Presentation and Workshop at the Spa Hotel
11:00-14:00 Travel to the Garner Valley site in a chartered bus. Lunch will be provided at the site. Presentation and tour of the site. Board buses for return to the Spa Hotel.
15:00-16:00 Return to the Spa Hotel and meet for follow-up and Q&A.

PARTICIPANTS: Tiffany Anderson (CSUSB), Andy Barbour (UCSD), Jim Brune (UNR), Thomas Castiglione (Riverside USD), Mehmet Celebi (USGS), Xiaowei Chen (UCSD), Francesco Civilini (UCSB), Matthew Cook (UCSB), Helen Corral-Bonner (Sherman Indian HS), Tom Crane (CSUSB), Jason De Cristofaro (USGS), Robert de Groot (SCEC / USC), Jared DeBock (UC Boulder), Ohilda Difo (U Mass), Roby Douilly (Purdue U), Sean Dunbar (CA DWR), Eric Fielding (JPL), John Fletcher (CICESE), Anna Foutz (John W. North HS), Gareth Funning (UCR), Hadi Ghofrani (U of Western Ontario), Val Gorbunov (UCSB), Rebecca Greenwood (Cal Poly Pomona), Walter Imperatori (KAUST), Scott Kenyon (CSULB), Katere Khodavirdi (UCLA), Mark Kline (Banning HS), Kayla Kroll (UCR), Ittai Kurzon (IGPP/Scripps/UCSD), Dunzhu Li (Caltech), Charles Lieou (UCSB), Ming Liu (NAVFAC-ESC), Gayatri Marliyani (ASU), Steve Okubo (UCLA), KOJI Okumura (Hiroshima), Caroline Orchiston (U of Otago), Moises Ponce-Zepeda (UCSB), Tara Redinger (SB County Museum), Yuval Reuveni (NASA), Daniel Roten (ETHZ), Nick Rousseau (SCEC), Eric Sahl (Fontana HS), Sandy Seale (NEES@UCSB), Mark Simons (Caltech), Kathleen Springer (SB County Museum), Jamie Steidl (UCSB), Danielle Sumy (USGS), Mark Swift (SB County Museum), Orlando Teran (CICESE), Nora Utevsky (Occidental College), Bernadette Vargas (Etiwanda HS), Seth Wallace (Bloomington HS), Tien Wang (UCR), Cary Wicker (CSULB), Shanna Williamson (Skidmore College)

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