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2011 SCEC Rupture Dynamics Code Validation Workshop

Date: February 25, 2011
Organizers: Ruth Harris, Ralph Archuleta
Location: Kellogg West Conference Center and Lodge, Pomona, CA

WORKSHOP REPORT: Download (172 kB)

The purpose of the 2011 SCEC Rupture Dynamics Code Validation Workshop will be to learn the results of the latest benchmark exercises (TPV14, 15, 105), to learn about a new code, to learn what is happening in related SCEC verification and validation groups, to discuss appropriate ways to model fault intersections, and to make plans for future code-group activities.


10:00 Introduction to Workshop R. Harris
10:20 The 2011 South Island New Zealand Earthquake R. Archuleta
  Overview of Related SCEC Technical Activity Groups  
10:40 Source Inversion Validation M. Page
10:55 Earthquake-Cycle Simulators K. Richards-Dinger
11:10 Kinematic Ground Motion Simulations B. Aagaard
  A New Code  
11:25 Tetemeko (movie files #1 and #2) J. Kozdon
11:45 Lunch  
  The Benchmarks  
12:45 TPV105 - Thermal Pressurization Benchmark and Implementation E. Dunham / H. Noda
13:30 TPV14, TPV15 - Branched Fault Benchmarks M. Barall
14:15 Break  
  Fault Intersections B. Aagaard / N. DeDontney
14:45 How They Look in the California Fault Map T. Dawson
15:15 How We Currently Model Them D. Oglesby
15:35 How We May Improve our Method E. Dunham / J. Kozdon
  A Smooth Planar Fault Simulation  
16:00 M8 Simulation K. Olsen
16:20 Group Discussion (including next benchmarks) All
17:00 Adjourn