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2007 Annual Meeting: Earthquake Response Workshop

Organizers: Egill Hauksson, Greg Beroza, Jamie Steidl, Sue Hough
Date: September 9, 2007
Location: Palm Springs, CA

Description: How should SCEC respond when the next major earthquake strikes California? This workshop will attempt to answer this question and to lay the groundwork for future science and infrastructure planning. Formulating SCEC post-earthquake science goals will be the major focus of the workshop. These goals will range from collection of data in the field to ensure that no opportunities are lost, to peta-scale computer modeling of earthquake sources, ground motions and stress transfer in support of rapid post-earthquake response. The workshop will also address, what infrastructure is required for the next generation post-earthquake science. The SCEC post-earthquake response workshop will include updates on plans of other science responders such as USGS, CGS, and UNAVCO.