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Borderland Working Group

Workshop Announcement
Date: March 8-10, 2002
Location: Wrigley Marine Institute, Two Harbors, Catalina Island, California

The SCEC Continental Borderland Working Group has been formed to explore the scientific goals and data gathering activities associated with Borderland structures, seismicity, seismic hazards, and tectonic history. As part of the first phase of the initiative, a workshop is planned whose objectives are to

  • Plan strategies for interdisciplinary investigations of offshore fault and structural systems in coordination with the USGS marine program, cross-division NSF programs, and other oceanographic activities.
  • Determine long-term and short-term scientific and experimentation goals for SCEC-related Borderland research.
  • Understand what research efforts have already been carried out or are currently underway.
  • Determine the quantity and quality of geophysical data (e.g., reflection, multibeam, core, well log, aeromagnetic, gravity) currently available.
  • Develop support among and include the expertise of potential collaborating institutions and individuals.
  • Examine the need for new or proprietary data in the context of offshore Community fault and velocity models.

The workshop will include informal plenary sessions and breakout discussions. Due to space limitations, attendance will be limited to 50 participants who will be chosen so as to best represent the diverse interests, experience, and potential contributions of the Borderland research community. SCEC will provide funds for participants' 1) roundtrip boat transportation: San Pedro to Two Harbors, 2) meals from lunch on March 8 to lunch on March 10, inclusive, 3) lodging for the nights of March 8 and 9. Detailed registration, travel, and lodging information will be sent once the list of participants has been determined.

The participant list is below.


Monica Kohler
Chair, SCEC Borderland Initiative working group

Workshop Participants:

Agnew, Duncan Scripps dagnew@ucsd.edu
Babcock, Jeff UCSD jbabcock@ucsd.edu
Baher, Shirley Wisconsin-Madison sbaher@geology.wisc.edu
Berelson, Will USC berelson@usc.edu
Bock, Yehuda UCSD ybock@ucsd.edu
Broderick, Kris UCSB kris@geol.ucsb.edu
Burbank, Doug UCSB burbank@crustal.ucsb.edu
Chaytor, Jason Oregon State jchaytor@coas.oregonstate.edu
Clayton, Rob Caltech clay@gps.caltech.edu
Davis, Thomas Davis and Namson davnamthom@aol.com
Driscoll, Neal UCSD ndriscoll@ucsd.edu
Fisher, Michael USGS mfisher@usgs.gov
Fletcher, John CICESE jfletcher@cicese.mx
Foxall, Bill LLNL bfoxall@llnl.gov
Francis, Robert CSULB rfrancis@cslub.edu
Fuis, Gary USGS fuis@usgs.gov
Goldfinger, Chris Oregon State gold@coas.oregonstate.edu
Gonzalez Garcia, Javier CICESE javier@cicese.mx
Harding, Alistair Scripps aharding@ucsd.edu
Henyey, Tom USC henyey@usc.edu
Hey, Richard Hawaii hey@soest.hawaii.edu
Hogan, Phil URS Corp. phillip_hogan@urscorp.com
Jones, Lucile USGS jones@usgs.gov
Jordan, Tom USC tjordan@usc.edu
Kamerling, Marc UCSB marc@crustal.ucsb.edu
Kent, Graham UCSD gkent@ucsd.edu
Kohler, Monica UCLA kohler@ess.ucla.edu
Langenheim, Victoria USGS zulanger@usgs.gov
Legg, Mark Legg Geoophysical mrlegg@attglobal.net
Magistrale, Harold SDSU harold@hal.sdsu.edu
Michael, Andy USGS michael@usgs.gov
McRaney, John SCEC mcraney@usc.edu
Muller, Jordan Stanford mullerj@pangea.stanford.edu
Nicholson, Craig UCSB craig@crustal.ucsb.edu
Normark, William USGS wnormark@usgs.gov
Okaya, David USC okaya@usc.edu
Perry, Sue SCEC perry@gps.caltech.edu
Ponti, Dan USGS dponti@usgs.gov
Ross, Stephanie USGS sross@usgs.gov
Shaw, John Harvard shaw@eps.harvard.edu
Sorlien, Chris UCSB chris@crustal.ucsb.edu
Stock, Joann Caltech jstock@gps.caltech.edu
Tolstoy, Maya Lamont-Doherty tolstoy@ldeo.columbia.edu
Uhrhammer, Robert Berkeley bob@seismo.berkeley.edu
Webb, Frank JPL fhw@jpl.nasa.gov
Wong-Ortega, Victor Manuel CICESE vwong@cicese.mx