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New Imaging Technique Uses Earth's Warped Surface to Reveal Rocky Interior
Surface mapping technology such as GPS, radar and laser scanning have long been used to measure features on the Earth’...
UT News
Students search for the source of killer earthquakes
Thanks to a grant funded by the National Science Foundation, in January 2024, Chelsea Mackaman led a group of students u...
How tiny fossils in Oregon’s coastal marshes could help us prepare for big earthquakes
The core the seismologists pull out of the ground doesn’t just reveal the recent geological history of the marsh in th...
A New Way to Predict Earthquakes
Fault lines are, of course, often the starting points for earthquakes. The San Andreas fault—which runs more than 800 ...
New data could help prepare for 'the Big One'
The Pacific Northwest is at risk for a mega-earthquake because of the Cascadia Subduction Zone. ...
The Week
An earthquake changed the course of the Ganges: Could it happen again?
A major earthquake 2,500 years ago caused one of the largest rivers on Earth to abruptly change course, according to a n...
Science Daily
The big one': Researchers gain clearest picture yet of fault that threatens the Pacific Northwest
A silent colossus lurks off the Pacific coast, threatening hundreds of miles of coastline with tsunamis and devastating ...
NBC News
Breaking ground: Could geometry offer a new explanation for why earthquakes happen?
By taking a close look at the geometrical makeup of rocks where earthquakes originate, researchers at Brown University a...
USGS rolls out new update to ‘ShakeAlert' app to detect earthquakes earlier
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) announced a new update to its earthquake alert app that aims to give advance ...
NBC Los Angeles
A Tectonic Enigma Is Hiding Beneath the Ocean Floor
In newly published research, scientists from Paris, New York, and China try to explain a tectonic behavior deep under th...
Popular Mechanics