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Archived August 2019

UseIT Lab Supervisor

Jozi Pearson is SCEC's UseIT Intern supervisor from 2016- 2018. During the Summer intern program, she works day-to-day with the interns as she mentors them while they navigate through the instrinsic challenges of research. During the rest of the year, she battles her own research quests as a PhD student.

Archived September 2018

UseIT Program Manager

Dr. Noriega recently joined SCEC as the Manager of Experiential Learning and Career Advancement. In her role, she manages SCEC’s internship programs, UseIT and SURE, to engage students in STEM-based research experiences. Her goal is to provide young scientists with research and networking opportunities to encourage and sustain careers in earthquake science.

Archived September 2018

Interns of 2017

Major: Geophysics
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California
Hometown: Cooper City, FL

Resherle Verna is a Physics turned Geophysics major with a minor in Astronautical Engineering and a Senior at University of Southern California. Referred by USC’s faculty, Geology Professor James Dolan, Resherle hoped to gain insight into research to explore her passion to pursue careers at research institutions like NASA, SpaceX, or Blue Origins. At the UseIT lab, she is among the Risk Management Team assessing hazards in California. In 5 years she sees herself completing Graduate school and in 10 years she sees herself as an expert in the field and an advocate for Education.
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Kevin Qualls is a Senior at the University of Southern California studying Mechanical Engineering with a minor is Business Finance. Kevin is familiar with research, but it is his first time familiarizing with Geological Science. With an aptitude for learning, he joined the ranks of the Probability Team to analyze the statistical data of earthquakes. He hopes to work with Southern California Edison in the future and use his SCEC research experience to plan the implementation of power lines and energy infrastructure.
Major: Geological Science
Undergraduate Institution: University of Southern California
Hometown: San Jose, CA
Robert Hernandez is from Northern California - previously an engineering student, but transitioned to Geological Science at USC. Robert is a highly-driven individual who has involved himself in USC’s marching band, jobs at different companies, and animation on his free time while attending school. He is part of the High-Performance Computing Team working with RSQSim on the Blue Waters supercomputers. In the future he sees himself with a PhD working with companies such as Chevron or Aera Energy.
Major: Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Undergraduate Institution: Washington and Lee University
Hometown: Lexington, VA
Sarah Troise is not a newcomer when it comes to research. She is from Washington and Lee University majoring in Computer Engineering and Computer Science and has explored research previously in the fields of Computer Science and Civil Engineering. Looking for further experience in research, she stumbled upon SCEC UseIT internship from the REU website. At SCEC, she is expanding her horizons to discover interests from which she would pursue in Graduate school. She is part of the High-Performance Computing Team running earthquake data through supercomputers at Blue Waters. In the future, she hopes to become a professor at a university to continue her passion for teaching.