The 8-week research program resulted into various accomplishments. The GIS Team created data models to convey the earthquake hazard in Southern California, through the Hazard U.S. (HAZUS) ArcGIS plugin and the open-source seismic hazard analysis (OpenSHA) Hazard Curve program, and improved the accuracy of topography maps in SCEC-VDO. The Development Team successfully developed 3D displays of basin depths in terms of iso-velocity surfaces and sites effects from Vs30 maps in Southern California, using data from OpenSHA and the Unified Community Velocity Model (UCVM). The SCEC-VDO Production Team used the data models from the GIS Team to produce visualization of "Northridge-size" earthquakes, ShakeMaps and UCERF2 and UCERF3 comparisons.

Challenge Statement

Develop SCEC-VDO and GIS tools for exploring the new Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, Version 3.3, and use the UCERF3.3 to produce visualizations of the earthquake hazard in Southern California for public education during the 20th Anniversary of the 1994 Northridge earthquake.

Intern Class of 2013


Project Teams

  Developers Team

Task: Develop and expand SCEC Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO) capabilities

Team: Jeremy Chen, May Forssen, Diego Furtado, Taylor Hellam, Anta Imata Safo, Miguel Villasana

Mentors: Scott CallaghanKevin Milner


  Media Team

Task: Document the experiences of the 2013 USEIT interns including how they addressed the Grand Challenge

Team: Benjamin Anderson, David Bolen, Jonathan Ho, Sarah Vargas O'Connell

Mentors: Thomas Jordan, Robert de Groot


  GIS/Data Team

Task: Create models for the use of accurate SCEC Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO) visualizations of magnitude 6.5 to 6.9 earthquakes in areas across Southern California

Team: Miguel Frias-Rodriguez, Kimberley Gloersen, Ngoc Kiem, Ryan Meier, Matthew Rieman, Kelvin Vasquez

Mentors: Thomas Jordan, Robert de Groot



Task: Display important components of the new Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast Version 3 (UCERF3), Northridge-sized earthquakes, and software improvements in SCEC Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO)

Team: Lindsay Arvin, Karina Novoa, Daniel Philo, Ani Pytlewski, Hannah Shamloo, Jing Yuan

Mentors: Dave Smith, Kevin Milner