In 2010, the UseIT challenge was focused on delivering earthquake information to the Earthquake Country Alliance, a new statewide organization (originally established by SCEC) which has the responsibility of coordinating the now-yearly "Great California ShakeOut". Videos and animations were developed and adapted to the specific needs of the ECA regional chapters. To ensure that such materials could be made readily available to the public, the UseIT interns developed new web-based capabilities using an open-source content management system (Drupal), which can be flexibly configured and adapted to video-streaming and other multimedia management, as well as social networking and virtual collaboration.

Challenge Statement

Develop a Seismic Crisis Visualization System based on SCEC-VDO that can display information needed for operational earthquake forecasting.

Intern Class of 2010








Project Teams

  Development Team

Task: Develop and enhance features on SCEC Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO)

Members: Neil Anderson, Saul Castro, Arnol Deolarte, Michael Sheehan, Benjamin Siver

Mentors: Scott CallaghanKevin Milkner, Scott Kohn, Michael Ihrig


  VDO Production Team

Task: Display information needed for operational earthquake forecasting on SCEC Virtual Display of Objects (SCEC-VDO)

Team: Kelsey Brunner, Lauren Gelbach, Salvador Romero, Aurelio Valencia, Bryce Walters

Mentors: Michael Ihrig


  CMS Implementation

Task: Develop and update the UseIT website to reflect the accomplishments of the interns

Members: Devany Brown, Marilyn Contreras, Arnol Deolarte, Jakayla Walker

Mentors: Tran Huynh, Kaitlin Welch, Michael Ihrig


  Science Research Team

Task: Find accurate scientific information needed by the other teams to develop a visualization system for earthquake forecasting

Members: Marisol Gonzalez, Sara Kowalke, Samuel Lauda, Hannah Potter, Adam Stevens

Mentors: Tran Huynh, Kaitlin Welch, Michael Ihrig


  Media Team

Task: Document the UseIT experience as they complete the Grand Challenge

Members: Emigdio Alaniz, Natalie Ballew, Hanlong Chen, Juan Rodriguez, Elena Soto

Mentors: Tran Huynh, Michael Ihrig


  Quality Assurance

Task: Ensure quality content from all teams and track their progress to complete projects by the deadline

Members: Emigdio Alaniz, Kelsey Brunner, Saul Castro, Hannah Potter, Jakayla Walker