Get to Know the SCEC Community

Some of the videos posted as of December 2022 on SCEC's TikTok and other social media channels.

Dear SCEC Community,

As part of my new role as an outreach partner with the SCEC Communication, Education and Outreach team, I am working with members of the SCEC Community to create short videos for SCEC's new TikTok channel (they will also be shared via SCEC's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts). Your involvement with SCEC is important and we would like to highlight the work you do!

The series of videos are called “Get to know the SCEC community.” Each video features somone from a SCEC institution who answers  simple questions about their participation with SCEC. Special thanks to our first 14 volunteers, many which were recorded at the 2022 SCEC Annual Meeting. Now it's your turn – view the current videos and then read the following instructions for how to record yours.

There are multiple ways to create a video about you and your work to be included in this new series:

  1. We can meet via Zoom call to record a simple interview.
  2. You can record the video yourself via several ways:
  • on your smartphone (on your phone by yourself, or with my assistance)
  • via Zoom or other software (on your own Via Zoom or other software, with my assistance)

Recording recommendations:

  • Find a location that is well-lit with natural sunlight or plenty of indoor lighting. Don’t have a bright light (or window) behind you– front lighting works best.
  • Choose a quiet location with little background noise (street sounds, music, other people)
  • Avoid spaces with lots of echo; wear headphones with a microphone, a studio-quality microphone, wireless ear buds, or a lavalier mic for the best sound 
  • Turn off air conditioners and heaters to avoid fan noise
  • Sit on a chair that is stationary and quiet (no chairs with wheels/swivels, overstuffed cushions, or squeaky screws)

Basic questions to answer in your video:.

  • Who are you?  (Name/Title/Org)
  • What project(s) are you currently working on?
  • How long have you been involved with SCEC?
  • What’s your favorite part of SCEC? Why should someone join SCEC? 

Watch previous videos in the series as examples.  

NOTE: I will edit your video to include the on-screen questions, captions, etc. All I need from you is the video.

I hope you consider working with us to highlight your hard work and accomplishments. Please contact me at with any questions you might have. I am also available to meet via zoom on Fridays at any time. 


Bryan Castillo
Adjunct Professor
CSU San Bernardino